More immigration requirements

When it comes to paperwork, it can be a little tricky.  None of your paperwork can be more than 6 months old when submitting it to the consulate for authentication.  Everything must be notarized from where you received it from, then sent to the State it came from to have it authenticated, to make sure the notary is legit and then sent to the consulate of Costa Rica for the state you live in to have it authenticated that the state authentication is legit.  Sounds confusing but it really isn’t.  Just goes from the city to the state and then to the consulate.  There are fees also to have all of this done, city and state are very cheap.  The consulate charges are not that bad.  Then once you enter into the country, your paperwork is only good for 90 days.  So you better get it submitted within that time or you will have to start all over, and the mail system down here is something to be desired.  You will need a post office box if you want to receive any mail.  Also, you can’t get anything in your name until you have your residency card, so I recommend getting it as soon as possible.  After we submitted all of our paperwork it only took us 6 months to get our actual cards, which is not a long time.  I will post more about the process of getting your paperwork in later.

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