Picking a place to live

When you start looking for that special place to call home you have to remember three things; location, location, location.  The closer you are to the beach the more it is going to cost.  The closer you are to tourist attractions, the more it is going to cost.  We found a small house in a small town about in the middle of the country.  There are very few tourist places around.  We paid $30,000 US for our house.  If you were to put our house on the beach, or even close to one, at least double the price.  My house is only 613 square feet, it has three bedrooms and one bathroom.  You think that is tiny, but there are only two of us living in it and how much space do we actually need?  Not a lot.  Plus, there is less to clean!  I can spend my time doing other things that I enjoy.  Also, utilities are cheaper in more rural areas and so are groceries.  But there are some things that are still costly, and dairy products is one of them.  Sorry.  Fruits and veggies are dirt cheap.


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    • Most diary is from here. But most cattle is beef cattle. You can buy milk straight from the cow from your neighbors, but it is about $2 liter. There are about 3.75 liters in one gallon. So it is still not cheap. You can also buy the local made cheese, but I really do not like it. It seems to be an aquired taste, one which I do not have. I just still love my cheddar. I will say the milk straight from the cow is very yummy! Plus, most of the cattle down here eat grass like they are supposed to, so when you do buy beef there is not a lot of fat in it. I had to actually add grease to the pan when trying to fry some hamburger patties.

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