Copies and police registration

You will need copies of everything and usually in triplicate, this way you will have a copy for your records.  Also, you will need to be registared with the police department in Costa Rica.  For ths you will need a couple of passport size photos and they will finger print you.  You will also need another passport size photo for submitting your paperwork to immigration.  Get at least 4 photos, 6 just in case, this way you always have extra if you need it.  You will have to give your orginals to immigration and a copy of everything as well, including a copy of your complete passport.  The reason I say to have three copies is because you would be surprised of what can be lost.  Again, at the immigration office, at least the one I went to, they do not speak English.  I used the one in San Carlos AKA Ciudad Quesada, it was much quicker than using the main one in San Jose, and the people were super friendly there and really worked with us.  Once you get your paperwork submitted they will give you a paper showing that all your stuff has been submitted so you don’t need to leave the country.  But be prepared to put out more money when you go to get your actual card.


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