Submitting paperwork Part 1

After you get all your paperwork back from the consulate you still have to have everything translated into Spanish.  You can go to the Yellow House, Casa Amarilla, and find a translator there.  They have a complete list of them and phone numbers for you to call.  They lady that I used was very nice and had lived in the States for several years so she knew everyday English and not just text book.  Then go back to the Yellow House and they can tell you how many stamps you need to put on your papers.  After that, go to the INS building, which is just around the corner, go up to the second floor and to the Bank of Costa Rica.  You make your deposits there for the stamps and also for your deposits.  As of right now the deposits per person are $250 US.  After you have made your deposits you go back to the Yellow House.  You will give them your receipts and they will affix them to the papers and stamp them.  Make sure everything is signed where it is supposed to be.  You don’t want to have to make a trip back down there for one signature like I did.  Now your papers should be ready for the immigration office.  I know it sounds like a lot of back and forth, which it is, but you need to make sure on how much your deposits are before trying to submit your paperwork and plus you have to have the appropiate account numbers to make the deposits.  Also, they do not speak English at the Yellow House.  So if you are still learning Spanish I suggest you take a friend with you.


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    • It is a matter of having all the paperwork translated into Spanish by an official translator. The translated paperwork has to be stamped an signed by the translator. You can be completely fluent in Spanish, but the paperwork has to be official. So if it comes from the States it is in English and to keep from running into any problems with it I high suggest using one of their translators. This way you know that they, the translator, are already aproved by the government of Costa Rica. When we paid our translator she including the cost of the stamps and already had them on the paperwork when we went to pick it up.

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