Getting your Cedual card

Now you are ready to receive your Cedula card, well almost.  You still have to make a couple of more deposits and start paying into the Social Security.  The Social Security for Costa Rica is your health insurance, it pretty much covers everything.  All of my x-rays have been covered, my doctors visits, prescriptions, physical theropy and chiropractic care.  If I have to have a surgery, it is covered.  There are no co-pays or deductables to meet.  The only thing I might have to pay for is $5-$10 for my frames for my glasses, I think I can handle that.  The insurance is based off of your income.  I pay $30 a month because I technically have no income, my husband pays $63 a month based off of his pension. This is a new law that was passed a couple of years ago that everyone must pay into the Social Security, before it was optional.  You need to pay that and make sure you keep your receipts and make copies of them as well.  Next you will have to go to the Bank of Costa Rica and make your deposits, ours was around $455 a person total.  There are a couple of different deposits that you have to make, keep your receipts and make copies.  Next you will take all of those receipts and the paper showing where you have paid into the Social Security to the immigration office.  You will have your picture taken and be given a form to take to the post office and a temporary copy of your Cedula card.  You will have to give the post office around $6 for them to send it off and for you to receive it back.  This takes about a week to get your card back.  Always keep copies of everything, I even made a copy of my temporary card just incase.  After one week, go back to the post office and pick up your card.  Now you are a temporary resident!  You have to be a temporary resident for at least 3 years before you can switch over to permant residency.  Good luck.


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