A little on banking

Now that you have your Cedula card you can actually start getting things in your name.  Recently they just passed a law that if you want a bank account there you have to have a Cedula card.  You can now get phone, internet, and your utilities all in your name.  Without the card you cannot do any of this.  One of the first things we did to establish credit in Costa Rica was that we went to a rent to own place and bought two pieces of furniture.  We did a program that we had it paid off in 4 months.  It sounds kind of silly to do, but it a great way to start.  This will help with any loans in the future.  When we bought our house our interest rate was really high at 12.25%.  But do keep in mind that that also includes our homeowners insurance.  Also, if anything happens to my husband, the house is paid for and it’s mine.  Of course I don’t plan on him going anywhere for a long time.  They do take care of their people down here.  Also, a word to the wise, never go to the bank on Mondays or Fridays.  Everyone gets paid on Friday so the banks are a mad house, and those who didn’t make it on Friday will be there on Monday.  Most banks have short hours also, opening at 9am and some closing as early as 3:45pm.  So always make sure you know your banks hours.  They are not open on the weekends either. 


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