Good day today!

I have a friend here by the name of Vivianna.  She is a very nice elderly woman who owns a soda, a small mom and pop restaurant.  Before I left for the States I asked her if there was anything that she wanted.  She specifically told me that she wanted a bag from Victoria’s Secret!  So I found one that was on sale and gave it to her.  She beamed with joy and could not stop thanking me.  She wanted to pay me for it, but of course I wouldn’t take it.  She told me how pretty her bag was.  My husband and I just got something to drink today because we weren’t really hungry but it was pretty hot.  She then asked us if we wanted some fried plantano, plantain in English.  My husband was wanting to know how she cooked hers and asked if he could watch.  She was more than willing to show him.  I went to go pay for our drinks and she wouldn’t accept any money from me.  She said it was because we were friends.  What a wonderful woman.  I am so glad that I could give her something that she was really wanting, she has always been so nice to us.  She speaks no English at all and I am still in the infantile stage of Spanish.  It doesn’t matter here, the language of friendship speaks so much louder than words ever could.


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