People with disabilities

As I mentioned before about my back issues, I can only stand for a short amount of time.  Well, I can also only walk so far before I really start to feel the pain.  Lately I have been using a cane to help me around town so I can still get in my walking and exercising. If you have a disability, or are pregnant, or have small children you will get preference in just about any bank.  That even goes for the elderly as well.  I was at the bank today, with my cane, I went in the other day without it and had to wait in line for about 30 minutes.  The security guard there saw me trying to stretch my back while waiting and saw me shuffling when I left.  He gave me that curious look as if to say, “Are you o.k.?”  So when he saw me today he did not seem surprised by my using a cane.  I got to go to the front of the line and got out quickly.  Banks here do not understand the term “fast service”.  They take their time, but that is just how the lifestyle is here, everyone takes their time…unless they are driving. 

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