Rain and rainbows

Lots of time when it rains you will still see the sun, so be on the look out for rainbows.  I had one today in my back yard.  It was just a quick shower and over before I could get the camera.  Always carry your umbrella with you, you never know when you will need it.  You can leave early in the morning and it be perfectly sunny.  By noon the clouds can roll in and drown you.  Then a few minutes later you would never know it rained.  But there are times when you won’t see the sun for days on end.  November and December are good examples of this.  These are the two rainiest months out of the year.  But it is a rain forest and we need the rain to keep it this beautiful. 

I was considering at one point to put in sliding windows in my house instead of having the lubber windows.  But then I realized…you never know when it is going to rain.  If I am going to be gone all day I want to keep some windows open to let the breeze in and keep the house cool.  You can’t do that with sliding windows, but you can with the lubber windows.  I don’t leave them open all the way, just enough to let in the breeze.  This way if it does rain I am not too worried about it as the rain just runs off them.  I also have indoor cats, so I can’t let it get too hot in the house through the day. When I leave I will also leave an oscillating fan on for them.  I haven’t had an electric bill over $22 doing this.  So utilities are very inexpensive. 


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