Pride in their work

Most all Ticos take a great pride in their work.  It amazes me to watch them.  If something is not right, they will fix it.  We had bars made for our windows, lubber windows don’t lock.  The bars for the small kitchen window was off by maybe a quarter inch.  I really couldn’t notice and we were not that picky about it.  But they guy who was making them took them completely down, re-cut them and then re-welded them.  He then put them back up and was satisfied that they were then even.  He knows that his work is a reflection of him.  Also, there is not a lot of advertising down here for the local guy.  So he knows that if he does a shabby job that we are not going to recommend him to anyone else.  We have a total of 6 windows in our house, bought all the materials to make the bars, cost about $350.  Then hired our neighbor to help and hired the guy to weld them together.  It took them only two days to get them completely done and installed.  The total labor cost $200!  They worked from about 7 in the morning until about 5 in the afternoon, with an hour lunch break.  The sun sets early down here, otherwise they would have worked later than that.  So if you need something built the labor is cheap and they will do a great job on it.  Especially if you go with the local people.  If you treat them with respect, they will give you the up most respect in return.  Now every time we see the guy who made our bars, he always waives at us and says hi.  People are so friendly here. 


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