Health care

The health care system here is run by the government and everyone has health care insurance.  For my husband and I we pay a total of $93 a month and that covers everything.  I have been to the clinic a couple of times and all of my prescriptions are covered.  Had some x-rays done, didn’t cost me anything extra.  I have an order for physical therapy and chiropractic care, which is covered completely.  But my husband and I have opted to go to a private doctor and pay out-of-pocket for this.  Why?  You ask, well let me tell you.  To get to the hospital from where I live is a 3 hour bus ride over a mountain.  Plus, we would have to take a taxi to the hospital once we get into the city.  Then have some lunch and another 3 hour bus ride home.  We did the math.  The private doctor is only charging me $26 a session and it is only a 30 minute bus ride.  We are actually saving money by going to the private doctor, and not to mention saving a lot of time.  So even if you don’t have the insurance here and are just a tourist, the rates are more than reasonable.  There is no charge for ambulance service, so if you need one, don’t worry.  They have great health care here and the medical tourism business is starting to grow here.  Many of the hospitals may look like they are in disrepair, but they invest more of the money into the patient care than what the building looks like.  So don’t let looks detour you.  If I must have surgery for my back, it will be covered, no out-of-pocket expense, unless I use a private doctor.  All of our dental is covered and so is vision.  Only $5-$10 for glasses.  The doctors and nurses are very nice that I have talked to.  No one has treated me unkindly.  It has been a great experience, if anything I have been treated better here than I have at a lot of hospitals in the States.

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  1. $93 is unreal here in the states. But I am glad that everything is working out for the both of you. Hope your back issues will be resolved quickly. Thinking about you all the time.

    • I get into more debates with people here in that states who dread any type of government run health care…I’ll direct them to your blog if they want to read on facts and experiences…I will seriously be considering ex-pat life when I retire for that reason if things don’t change here…

      • Come on down Scott! We would love to have you. It’s so amazing here and relaxing also. My husband is off all of his blood pressure medications and his blood pressure is now perfect! That is how relaxing it is here. At least in the area that we live in. As of right now, as a pensioner you only have to make a $1000 a month from a permanent pension, and this must be stated in the paperwork. I would suggest having a little more though.

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