Public transportation

I absolutely love the public transportation system here.  I don’t even need to own a car.  I can take the bus anywhere in the country.  Also, it is very inexpensive.  It will take a little longer on the bus, but I can sit back enjoy the scenery and take it easy while someone else does the driving.  I can take a bus from where I live to San Jose, the capital for just over $4, that is about a 2 hour bus ride.  Not a lot of stops along the way either for that one.  Gas here is close to $5 a gallon, so for me the bus is great.  Also, after you figure in maintenance for the car, the bus is well worth it.  The bus drivers are great, there have been numerous occasions where the driver has helped me with my bags, either by helping to put them in the luggage compartments or helping me get them off.  They really know how to drive these things too.  One of the buses I sometimes use goes up and over a mountain pass, in some places barely wide enough for a car, but they do it and do it well.  On the long bus trips they usually put in a halfway stop to let you out so you can stretch your legs, smoke, go to the bathroom, or even grab a quick snack.  I have gotten to know several of the buss drivers in my town and even when they see me walking down the street they will honk and waive to my husband and I.  Makes you feel really good.  They are wonderful people, I just can’t say that enough.  Also, there are no chicken buses like you see in the movies.  The are very nice, the ones for the long trips are like tour buses, just no air conditioning or bathroom on board.  But they are very comfortable.  The local ones are closer to the States city buses.  Most are in really good repair, some I do wonder about but they still get you to where you are going.  So just sit back, relax, enjoy the view and leave the driving to them.

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  1. Ahhh, memories…reminds me of my years in Mexico, especially the ones living in the country, because lord knows the city buses and their drivers are nuts! “Chicken buses”, I love that, everybody wants to know if that’s how it really is…and I have to say I’ve been on a couple, strictly to say that I did it…over all though, I found the better buses, especially for the longer trips to be better than anything around here…

  2. The bus system is amazing down here, I can go anywhere in the country. I could travel from one coast to the other for around $10, I would probably have to change buses a few times, but it is well worth it. You can also find a web site that has all the bus schedules on it for here. Just put in the city you are leaving from and going to, the date and about what time you want to go and it will give it to you and even tell you where you need to change buses at. It’s a great tool that I have used on several occasions.

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