Visiting with friends

We moved into our new house of February of this year and haven’t really visited our old neighbors for a while.  So I called her up this morning and asked her if she was busy and if we could come visit.  She was so excited to have us over to her house.  They are wonderful people and what can I say but we miss them.  It was just her and her daughter this morning as her husband and son were at work.  But we just hung out and had a great time.  She speaks no English at all, so it was really good practice for me to speak the Spanish.  I actually did pretty good.  Her daughter missed her school bus, it came earlier than it was supposed to and she was still getting ready.  So she had to take her daughter to the school and just let us wait there at her house without worrying about anything.  She made us some coffee and oatmeal raisin cookies!  They were so yummy.

A little while later our former landlady showed up, she is in town from Germany.  She is a wonderful person also, and her kids are great.  Her son is around 10 years old and speaks German, English and Spanish.  It is amazing.  Her daughter speaks the same languages as well and she is around 17.  We had to thank this lady so much, because I feel if it weren’t for her we would not have found the house that we are living in now.  We only rented a house from her for about 5 months before we found this one, and it was completely by chance.  We weren’t even looking for a house.  We were renting one of her houses for $100 a month, why would we want to move.  The house we were renting from her was actually bigger, but I just fell in love with my house, plus it is mine now.  She was not upset or angry for us moving and only staying for a few months, she completely understood.  She did tell me though that it did sadden the neighbors when we moved.  That did make me kind of sad, and I miss them too.  But we do occasionally see each other and they are always welcome in my house. 

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