The Pharmacy

Going to the pharmacy down here is a little different than in the States.  La Famracia as we call here in Spanish is a lot easier to use.  If you are visiting from the States and you either run out of your medication or it gets lost you can get it at the farmacia with no problem.  You don’t need a prescription from a doctor like you do in the States.  I just walk in and tell them what I need, how many milligrams and how many pills.  No problem.  I actually get my cats medicine at the farmacia, he has an ulcer.  No waiting for the prescription to be filled either, they get it for you right then and there.  So much quicker.  You may be paying a little more than in the States for your prescription, as they do not accept insurance.  So what might be a $10 copay in the States for your medicine might cost you a little more here.  But the medicine is just as good here as it is in the States, but the prices are still very reasonable.


2 responses

  1. When my parents are in Tucson. They go to Mexico to get some of their meds and even go to the Dentist too. When we were in Grenada last year we got some of our meds there too. It is kind of cool when we do it that way. Steve picked up some more when he went back to Grenada last month.

  2. The medical tourism business here is really starting to take off. It can be 1/4 of the cost in the States and that would be with using your insurance in the States. Plus, the health care here is top notch.

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