Going out to eat

When going out to eat you don’t always need to pick the nicest looking place.  I actually prefer to go to the local Soda’s, the mom and pop places.  They may not always look like a nice place to eat, but the food and atmosphere is wonderful.  Plus, you can’t beat the prices.  When you go to a place that caters to tourists you are going to pay the price for it.  They just look nicer and make their food look a little better, but it is the same quality.  But usually you get more at the Soda’s.  My husband and I will visit two different places that is more directed towards tourists.  One of them, for the two of us we get our meal, soft drink, dessert and coffee for around $20.  The other is in the town we live in and we get our meal and a natural fruit drink for under $10 and we are full just off of that.  The place in our town also tries to keep the local business coming in so they keep their prices very reasonable.  When we go to a Soda we usually spend around $10 for the two of us and can’t eat another bite.  When going to the city we stopped at a Subway and spent over $20!  I couldn’t believe it.  So, just because a place does not look that great, doesn’t mean it is not.  You cannot judge any place down here on how it looks on the outside.  Also, many of your restaurants and Soda’s are open air.  Meaning open windows with no screens or eating on a patio.  There have been a couple of times where I have had a kitten rubbing around my ankles while eating.  I love cats so this did not bother me.  Also, don’t be surprised if you see a gecko running up the walls, it’s a part of life here.  I right now have a small skink hiding in my bathroom from my cats.  It is a small harmless lizard, really cute too.  So, don’t scream if you see one, they are everywhere here. 


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