Domestic help

This is not something that I use, but I thought that I would throw it out there for you.  If you would like to hire a housekeeper here you might be surprised at the cost.  Around $2 an hour where I live!  So you could hire someone to come in a clean your house top to bottom for around $20.  Today, I went to a neighbors house and need some alterations done on a set of curtains that I bought while in the States.  They were too long and just needed them shortened.  They lady suggested also using the extra material to make some ties for them.  She even put little flower buttons on them to hold the ties together.  They came out looking so cute, she was only going to charge me $2 for all the work that she did.  I gave her $3 and she seemed quite happy with that.  I will say that is has crossed my mind to get a local woman in here to clean my house every once in a while.  They know the tricks of the trade down here, where as I am still learning.  It is a completely different thing to clean down here.  You need to clean pretty much every single day, at least sweeping the entire house.  There is no shortage of cleaning to do.  So, if you want to hire a house keeper, there is no shame in it and you can afford it.  Wages will vary depending on the area that you do live in or visit. 


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  1. Some things are still very expensive, like a clothes dryer. I so want one, but for a standard dryer it is around $500! Cheese is expensive also. My utilities are really cheap though.

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