Veterinary care

If you are traveling with pets or moving here and bringing your pet with you a little advice.  To bring a pet into the country it is really easy, I didn’t have to quarantine my cats at all.  They do need to be completely up to date on all of their shots and your vet will need to fill out a form for you that you then have to take to the state and have notarized.  Only once you have all of your paperwork can you then bring your pets with you.  The vet visit is the most expensive, to get the certifications from the state I only paid about $40 and that was for two cats.  Each state is different.  You will also need to check with your airline on what they require. 

I live in a very rural area so all the vets down here are more for agriculture and farm animals.  It took me a little while to find a good vet and good pet food.  But I did find two wonderful vets, both of whom speak English as well.  If you live in a larger city, this won’t be a problem for you.  But I will tell you that the only place to get an endoscopy done on your pet is in San Jose, the capital.  If you have cats like I do, finding good cat litter can be fun also.  But now my vet has gotten used to me and what we need and want for our furry four legged children and does his best to keep everything in stock for us.  There are times when he does run out of cat food, but it is usually because of the distributor, if he doesn’t have it, no body does.  So we always make sure we have several bags on hand in case there is a time that we have to wait to get it so we don’t run out.  A lot of people where I live thinks that it is weird to keep pets indoors, it is not common especially in rural communities.  But they understand that we are from the States and are just a little different.  So bring your pet, but just make sure that you have all the correct paperwork. 


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