Children and health care

All children under the age of 14 are completely covered.  There is no cost for them at all.  You do not even need to pay a premium for them to have insurance.  A friend was visiting here several years ago when her son got hurt.  She took him to the hospital.  She was living in the States at the time and had insurance there, but she could not use it here.  So she was trying to explain to the hospital that she needed a receipt for the cost of the medical treatment so she could submit it to her insurance company in the States to get reimbursed for it.  They actually could not understand this concept.  Her son at the time was around the age of 9 and there was no charge at all for the medical treatment even though she was not a resident of Costa Rica. 

For me this is amazing.  To think that a country cares enough about children to completely cover all children, not just their own. 


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