Pura Vida!

Pura vida means pure life, it is the local saying it is also a way of life here.  Even when someone asks you how you are, you can answer pura vida.  It can take a little getting used to and a little while to learn how to live it.  The less stuff you have the more you start to understand it.  It has nothing to do with material objects, how nice your house looks, how much money you have.  It is a total outlook on life.  It has everything to do with not letting the little things get to you and just moving on.  Ticos do not like confrontation.  Instead of fighting with or arguing with someone they will just walk away and forget about it.  Pura vida is all about friends, family, love and nature.  My husband and I do not have a lot of material objects.  In our house we have a local style washing machine, which is only semi-automatic, a refrigerator which is only 3 and a half feet tall, one kitchen cabinet, a small dinning table with 4 chairs, a bed that someone gave us and a closet.  We have no TV and really don’t want one.  Here in a few days I should be getting an actual stove with an oven.  Right now I have been cooking off a two burner gas hot plate for the past year.  I also have a slow cooker, which did you know you can actually bake a cake in one?  It came out really good.  My husband and I do not lack anything that we don’t need.  We make the best of everything that we have and enjoy every minute of it.  We don’t have a lot of worries, we have learned to let them go.  That is Pura Vida.

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  1. One of my favorite memories as a child is going to Sand Island (on Lake Superior). My uncle had a cabin on that Island so we went every summer and stayed a week. No electricity, we did have a radio with a lot of batteries, and we had to use an outhouse that was a ways away. It was the best week out of the summer. Loved it. We spent days on the beach and walk to the light house (about 2 miles each way). The light house is the picture that I use on FB.

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