Double check your paperwork

When you go to your closing make sure you inspect everything on your final paperwork.  Had an interesting thing happen to us today.

When we purchased the home the bank would not do 100% financing, so we still had a small deficit that we owe to our neighbor who we bought the house off of.  He agree that we go to an attorney and set up a payment schedule to pay him the difference.  How many people in the States would do that?  So, we go to the attorney and he is reading the paperwork we got from the bank and he got this really serious look on his face.  I knew that look.  Well as it turns out, the bank listed our property size to include our neighbors.  Our property used to be apart of his but he had it separated, even have the official plans from the municipality to prove it.  So, I turned to my neighbor and asked him if he would like to buy some property.  We all got a big laugh out of it.  It’s just more of an inconvenience for my neighbor, now he has to go all the way back to the bank, which is a two hour bus ride, and try to get them to fix it.  He is such a wonderful person and so nice.  I hope that he can get it fixed without any problems, but I have a feeling we will have to go with him to resign the papers.

The attorney today was really cool with us.  He made sure that we understood everything that was being put in the contract and that we really didn’t own our neighbors house and property.    Plus, he only charged $80, which we paid half and our neighbor paid the other half.  So all in all, it was a good day.


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  1. The people here have been absolutely wonderful to us…at least the people from here. That’s another story. Our neighbor has really worked with us in helping us to purchase this house. It was a complete chance meeting with him also. We went to the supermarket in town one day and there he was on his bicycle. He asked us in broken English if we were looking to buy a house. We weren’t even looking at the time but decided why not just look at it. And now here we are. Love it. You have to love the before and after pictures of the outside of the house. It looks so much bigger now that it is painted and prettier too.

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