There are many different types of geckos down here.  My favorite is the house gecko.  They don’t get that big and they start off very tiny.  I sometimes will see them in my house and have to rescue them from the cats.  The reason I like the house gecko is because they laugh, and they can do it at the most inappropriate time.  Nothing like being in the shower and you hear that little thing laugh, sometimes is makes you feel a little uncomfortable.  But believe me there are worse times when they laugh.  Although when my husband and I are having one of our usual funny conversations it seems like they pitch in as well.  At night when I am in the shower they always hang out on the window, the bugs are attracted to the light and they know this.  So they will hang out on the window and get some extra food.  It’s pretty neat because right now I can tell one of them is gravid, with eggs.  The skin on their belly is translucent so you can see the eggs inside of her.  But you still just have to love the laughing.   When I lived in the States I used to have many reptiles for pets, most were rescues.  But now, I don’t need to as I can enjoy watching them in nature their natural habitat.


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  1. Ahh, thanks Santos. Miss you also and we love you as well. I hope that you are doing well. I also hope that someday you can come and visit us here. You would love it, it is so relaxing. Inbox me if there is anything inpaticular that you want to read about.

    • I do believe that it is only the males that make the sound. And thank you for letting me know about google. I was able to attach it to google yesterday but wan’t sure how it was coming up. I know if you type in dailycostaricaliving it will come up, but I didn’t know it was coming up other ways. I am so happy!

  2. I dig geckos, when my stepmother went to Hawaii she sent pictures of all the different types out there, the color variety is amazing. Do the bug you by always wanting to sell you car insurance?

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