Getting my new oven

Husband and I have been debating on which oven to buy for a while.  Well, we had decided on one that we both really liked and even told the guy at the store that was the one we were wanting and would be back in a few days to get it.  We went to go buy it and I had this voice inside my head screaming at me to get the other one that was cheaper.  Women, you know this voice that I speak of.  We had a friend with us that day when we went to go get it and asked him what he thought.  He never heard of the brand of the first stove, but the other one he was very familiar with and said it was really good.  The price difference was about $130.  So we went for the cheaper one.  This was on Saturday and they said they would deliver it on Monday.  No problem, I can wait a few extra days.  So Monday came…

Monday came and about 5 in the afternoon I decided I should probably call them.  I talked to the manager of the store and told him who I was.  He didn’t recognize my name at first, then I told him that I was the Gringa.  He laughed and knew immediately who I was then.  Yup, he forgot about delivering the stove.  It arrived that evening around 8:00, and low and behold it was the wrong one.  I couldn’t help but laugh and knew why he done it.  He wasn’t the one who checked us out when we paid so he didn’t know that we got the cheaper one instead.  I felt so sorry for the delivery guy.  By this time, the store was already closed so he had to take this thing home with him.  He told us that he would be back in the morning with the right one.  Sure enough, about 9 this morning here came my new stove.  This time it was the right one.  I tried to give the delivery guy 2,000 colones, which is about $4, for his troubles but he refused to take it.  He said, no it is part of the service that they offer.  He was so nice.  So, now I have my nice new stove and am just about afraid to cook on it and get it dirty!  But I have a great meal planned for tonight.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Thanks scot, I actually understood that. LOL But down here we do not use the word pastel, we use queque. That took a little getting used to. But I could read what you wrote! But if you want some cake you will have to come and get it.

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