This is are cat Spot, because of the little spot on his nose.  He arrived in our little household a year ago in July.  We had only been in Costa Rica for a month and a half at the time.  Let me tell you about that day.

My husband and I were having our morning coffee on our front porch when we noticed a man walking up to the front gate.  He had a small plastic garbage bag, stuck it in between the fence and dumped out two small kittens and then he took off running as we approached him.  Where we were living at the time there was our house and our landlady’s house on the same property.  She had two very large dogs.  I went up to the gate and saw one of the kittens, it was so tiny.  Then the dog got out of the fence and came charging over to where the kitten was.  I tried my best to get the dog away from the kitten, but the dog was close to two hundred pounds!  The landlady wouldn’t even come out from behind her gate to help.  The dog got ahold of that poor defenseless kitten and that was it.  I was in tears.  I wanted to punch the dog, but more so I wanted to punch the landlady for not trying to do anything.  The dog was being a dog, it was a guard dog.

We finally got the dog back inside her fence and she chained it up.  We went looking for the other kitten and found him.  He was hiding in the grass and flowers along the fence line.  I picked him up and he hissed, growled and spit at me.  All I could do was laugh at him.  He was so tiny and trying so hard to be brave.  He was covered in fleas and I had to give him two baths, which he was not happy with.  We estimated his age at between 4 and 5 weeks old, way too young to be away from his mother.

We didn’t have a vet yet so we improvised.  He was still too young for the adult food that we had for our other cats so we took it put a little water in it and some powered milk.  Let is sit over night in the fridge to soften up.  He ate it like there was no tomorrow.  Our one cat took right to him and helped him with everything, from bathing to going to the litter box.  It was amazing to see a male cat helping a kitten so much.  Our other cat was not too happy with the thought of another cat in the house.  But now they get along pretty well.

So, Spot has been with us now for over a year and has brought us a lot of laughs and cuddles.  I believe he was meant to be with us.  As our Boo-Boo passed away this past February and Spot took it really hard.  He looked for him for two weeks.  As did our other cat.  We were lucky to find him, but I think he really found us.


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