There have been well over 200 aftershocks since the earthquake yesterday.  Luckily I have not felt any of them.  I saw the newspaper  today and it said that there were at least 3 people dead, 55,000 people without water and over 21,000 without electricity.  There are at least 5 roads closed also.  What I saw on the news today though made me happy.  Neighbors were taking in neighbors, if someones house was damaged and they couldn’t go back in it to stay, the neighbors gave them a place to stay.  These are such good people down here who know how to come together.  It has effected over 100 different neighborhoods.  The Red Cross is out in full force, the President was there today checking out the situation to see what she needs to do.  Yes, we have a woman president.  It is actually kind of heart warming to see so many people coming together in a time of need.  They don’t care if you’re rich or poor, all they know is that their neighbor needed help and that is what they did.  It gives me some faith back in humanity.


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