Spot today

This is what Spot looks like today, all grown up.  He is about a year and 2 months old now and a handful at times.  He never has gotten very big, but his heart his huge!  Every night he will wait for me on the bed because he knows that is when play time is.  The floors throughout the whole house are concrete, so for him to play and jump a lot I let him do it on the bed so he doesn’t get hurt.  Although there have been a few times where he has jumped off the bed in the middle of a flip.  He loves to play.  If he sees a lizard in the house he will immediately go after it and while running on concrete floors that are very smooth he will go around a corner and his bottom will pass up his head.  Or he will try to take off really fast and his feet will be going but he will be staying in the same place.  It really does look like a cartoon.  Every morning he when I wake up he will jump up on my chest and lick my nose and cuddle on me.  He has turned into the sweetest cat.  Cat in spanish is gato, and the locals call themselves Ticos, so we call Spot our gatico!   But for a small cat he has a very big meow, if he wants something he definitely lets you know.  I am so glad that he came into our little household, he has brought us much love, joy and laughter.


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