This poor jaguar was a rescue.  He is living at a sanctuary close to where we live.  The man who owns the place has done an amazing job with the place.  There were two jaguar’s at this property, at least one that I saw had his K-9 teeth removed.  It was so sad to see.  But these guys definitely do not lack for anything.  They are in very good health and we did get to see them jumping around in their enclosure, which is fairly large.  Looks like this guy needed a nap after all his playing.

He also had many different types of parrots there.  I will post about them tomorrow.  I would love to go back and visit again as we got to hand feed a lot of the birds that day we were there.  Jaguars are native to Costa Rica also and were becoming endangered, but there has been a lot of education about it and they are doing better in the wild here.  We have a lot of wild big cats and I love that.  I guess I am just a cat person though.


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