This little guy is a capuchin monkey.  He was a resue also.  This was at the same sanctuary that we visitied.  He was a new arrival there and while we were there the man who own’s the rescue was building him a new enclosure.  He was making it himself, doing all the welding and everything.  It is such a great feeling to watch someone take so much time and care so much for these animals as this man does.  I wish there were more people like him in the world.  I want to go back there someday and see the capuchin’s new home.


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  1. Hi Cheri! This is Jill Grissom, my children are Amy, Niki & Adam. I know you remember now! It was so wonderful to get your posting. It is funny that I was thinking of your mom & dad recently that I had not seen them recently…I hope they are fine. Is your daughter living with them? I loved the blog and the info about each animal. Please keep in touch! Jill

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