The local food

This is a dish that my husband and I made at home.  It is very close to one of the local dishes but with an American twist on it.  Unlike many Latin American countries, Costa Rica does not have a lot of spicy food.  The food here is much more mild.  The national dish is gallo pinto, which is basically black beans with rice.  You can get it many different ways.  For breakfast you can get it with scrambled eggs and it’s really good.  For other meals it gets turned into a casado, which will have a tiny salad with it and either chicken, pork, or beef.

I never had fried plantain, plantano in Spanish, and I absolutely love it.  You cannot eat it like a regular banana, you have to fry it and it comes out pretty sweet.  You can also buy a whole, fresh pineapple for just over $1, if you are lucky and see them for sale on the side of the road you can get three of them for $2.  Fruits and veggies down here are really cheap.  Plus, you will not believe the size of the carrots, they are huge!  Since moving here we have started eating so much healthier.  It is easier to eat healthier here and it is cheaper to do so as well.  When I was in the States this past summer it seemed like it was easier and cheaper to eat unhealthy.  I have lost so much weight since moving here and feel so much better.  (with the exception of my back of course.)  We hardly drink any soda at all, but the soda here is made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  So it does taste better.  But I prefer my natural fruit drinks, which are really cheap, cheaper than getting a soda.

So, if you are nervous about the food don’t be.  If you don’t like really spicy food you don’t have to worry.  But if you do, there is always a bottle of hot sauce handy or a jar of peppers.  So enjoy the food, it is so delicious.


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    • We also bought a giant loaf of fresh baked bread from one of our bakeries in town and it was just over $1! They are made fresh every day and all day. They are similar to the French loaves that you find in the grocery in the States, but they are much bigger here…and so much yummier! We bought one not too long ago and could barely carry it home it was so hot, right out of the oven. When the owner sees us coming she will make sure to give us the freshest one that she has. She is so sweet.

  1. Oh man! That food looks heavenly! I have been reading through your blogs and have enjoyed them! You and Roger sound so very happy and content!

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