The weather

You seriously never know what the weather is going to do here.  (And I thought the Ohio Valley was bad.)  This morning it was hot and humid and sunny.  My husband and I walked to the store and before we got back home, in a taxi, it was cool and raining.  Then we had a nice wind storm for a few minutes, now it is just cloudy and cool.  The locals only say we have two seasons, summer and winter.  Summer is when it is less rainy and winter is when it is really rainy.  I say we have three seasons, wet, wetter and wettest.  Right now we are in the wetter season.  November and December are the wettest, where you will be lucky to see the sun once a week.  Then January comes and it is like someone just turned off the hose.  It clears up and is so beautiful.  You will hardly see a drop of rain for several months.  From January to April is what they call the dry season, but you will find an occassional stray shower.  April comes and so does the rain.  This year from April to June wasn’t that bad, we have had a lot of rain in July and not too much in August.  It slowly starts to rain a little more every day until November and then it seems like it will never end.  This is what the locals call winter, and this is the time of year when I really want a clothes dryer!

During the green season, as they call it now, the prices for tourism are usually cheaper because there are fewer people wanting to visit because of all the rain.  During the dry season the prices will go up as demand for the tours go up.  It also depends on where you are at in the country as well.  I have learned to accept all the rain, I tell myself that it is a rainforest and that we need all this rain to keep it so beautiful.  So, no matter what time of you are you visiting, always bring your umbrella.


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