Getting broken into

Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning it seemed the world went crazy.  With everything happening at the US Embassy and the US Consulate, to people’s homes getting broken into.  I feel terrible about what happen to those who lost their lives in Libia, but don’t judge a whole group by a few crazy pieces.  I want to tell you what happened to me that crazy night.

My husband and I were asleep in bed, my purse hangs on a hook just inside the bedroom door in the next bedroom, the hook is about 10 feet away from the window.  We even have bars on our windows because they are lubbered windows.  Well bars or not they got my purse!  They were nice enough not to break any of the panes of glass as they took them out they set them down very gently in the grass to keep from making any noise.  They then took a 20 foot long pole, which was my neighbors TV antenna, and slid it through the now open window and hooked my purse and took off.  Well, when they got my purse they must have gotten excited because that is when I heard a noise and woke up.  Two in the morning, I hear a noise and think it is just the cats and they had knocked something over.  I was in for a surprise.  The stuff that was in my purse, two bank cards, digital camera, ipod, MP3 player, drivers license, CCW permit, a little cash and my residency card for here.  We immediately called the banks and cancelled the cards and the police.  We first had to call our neighbor and get the number for the police, 911 is only for the ambulance.  The cops came out and filed a report and then the next morning I had to go to the OIJ and file another report so they could then come out and investigate the scene.  The police were very nice about taking the report and told us that there were several other houses broken into that night.  When the investigators came out they were super nice, took pictures and dusted for prints; of course they didn’t find any.  So life goes on.  It is just a hassle to try to get everything replaced.  The hardest is my bank card from the States and my residency card from here.  It will take about two months for each.  But it is just stuff and stuff is replaceable.  We are OK and my cats are OK and that is what is truly important.  It is just a lot of back and forth between places to get stuff done.  But the important thing is that we are OK.  My neighbor did tell me that the OIJ arrested a few people the other day, not sure if it is the same people involved with my house or not.

The point of this story is just to let you know that no matter where you live this can happen.  I have had my purse stolen before in the States, I have had people try to break into my house before in the States.  It doesn’t matter where you live, it can happen.   Don’t let this discourage you from coming down here and visiting.  Everyone whom I have been working with in this matter have been most helpful and so friendly.  When my purse got stolen in the States the police told me I just needed to file a report online.  Here the police came to my house and did everything to help comfort me and reassure me that it would be OK.  They were wonderful people, especially the OIJ, the investigators.  So this is why I have not been in the best of mood for the past few days and for that I am sorry, but the hubby did buy me a new camera today!  So, it will all be OK.  I haven’t lost my sense of humor, I told my husband, “Well, I needed to get rid of all that change in my purse anyways because it was getting heavy.  Now I don’t have to worry about it.”  No matter what happens, I will never lose that, if I do I might as well give up and I refuse to do that.  I still love it here and want to stay, but I will be getting a dog.


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  1. Just glad to know that you are both unharmed. You are right, Cheri. We should never judge a people or country or group by the actions of a few. Bad happens everywhere. Love reading about your experiences and advice! Good luck with the dog!

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