The new puppy

Ever since Wednesday morning I have been telling my husband that we should get a dog.  I was originally wanting a rottweiler, but this is what we ended up with.  Last night my neighbor’s wife came over and told me that the lady down the street had two puppies that needed a home.  Well, I went to go look and this is what I brought home.  He is just a mutt, but he is so dang cute.  We named him Bra’tac, it is a character from the TV series Stargate SG-1.  This little guy kept us up all night.  Can’t blame him, it was his first night away from his mother and his brother so he was just scared.  He is already getting attached to us, as he follows us where ever we go.  He tries to play with the cats, but they actually run from him!  My one cat is at least five times his size.  We still need to go to the store today and get some puppy food, the lady I got him from did give me a little.  We also need everything to go with this little guy and some flea treatment.  He has the most adorable little bark right now and the cutest little play growl.  He is at the perfect age to get socialized with the cats and the cats haven’t been doing too bad with him.  Only one hiss and a couple of bops on the head.  So I think they will eventually get along.  I believe this little guy is going to make a wonderful addition to the family, as long as he barks when he is supposed to.


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