Well, after talking with my neighbor and another friend they have apparently arrested the men who went around breaking into people’s homes the other night.  There were at least four houses broken into that night including ours.  They looked into another neighbors house, but her dogs started barking and she saw the light from the flashlight.  But they arrested three men involved, one of the people who were robbed pushed the police to do something and they did.  This is good news for the community, but they have not recovered any of the stolen property.  This seems to be a group of people and this is their job and they do it well.  Even though none of us have gotten our stuff back at least these men are off the street.  Also, from what I have heard about the jails down here…you don’t want to go.  Costa Rica is still considered a third world country, even though it really should not be.  We obviously have internet, cell phone, and pretty much everything you have in the States and we have a government-run health care system where everyone who is a resident here has health care.  I still love it here and don’t want to be anywhere else.


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