This is one of my neighbors from down the street and her two kids.  They were on their way to town and had the children dressed in traditional clothing for independence day.  They were so cute I had to ask them if I could take a picture.  This is the lady whose TV antenna was taken down and used to break into my house.  Her husband was with her and said that we all need to start watching out better for each other.  I so agree with him.  But it was two in the morning when it happened and everyone was asleep.  But the neighbor next to us cut down all the flowers and bushed to be even with the top of the fence so we could see each other’s houses better.  They really do care down here.  The last house we lived in when we would leave we would let the neighbors know and when they would leave they would let us know.  We were way off the beaten path there so it was a good thing to do.  We didn’t have a phone when we lived there so when they left they would tell where the keys were so if I needed to use the phone I could.  I really miss living next to them, but we do visit each other.  It is really a good community that we have here and people do watch out for each other.  It almost reminds me of how things were back in the 1950’s in the States, at least from what my husband tells me.


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