Just a day at home

You never know what you will see even just sitting at home.  This is a beautiful horse that lives down the street from us, his name is Tequila.  This is his owner Merlin, a very nice person.  Merlin, his son and one of their friends were trying to get Tequila feeling better by walking and jogging him.  He had an upset stomach.  It is so good to people taking care of their animals, which can be a lot to be desired at times.  Most dogs are kept outdoors and never see a vet, let alone get played with or socialized with the family.  But Merlin takes great care of this horse and there is a lady across the street that has inside dogs and she takes very good care of hers.  There is just not a lot of education in the area I live in about animal welfare.  I live in the country in a third world country, so it is a little different.  We also had a friend stop by today just to hang out with my husband.  Albero speaks no English and my husband speaks no Spanish.  But my husband got out his book and Albero really helped him out with some things.  It was great to see.  It’s so nice to live somewhere where you don’t feel like you need an appointment to visit a friend’s house.


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