Replacing your Cedula

This is no easy task to get done.  When they stole my purse they got my cedula, residency card, and my carnet, insurance card.  I have to get my carnet replaced in order to get my cedula replaced.

So, I had to go to the social security to get a document that shows I am paid up on the insurance, next I had to go to the bank to get a copy of the receipt for paying the insurance, then to the clinic to get my new carnet.  OK, now I have that.  Now I have to call a 900 number, yup you gotta pay to call them, and make an appointment to go to a different bank and pay another $98 to get a new copy of my cedula.  The copy that I have of my card is not that great, I don’t think I could read the numbers right and the guy couldn’t find me under my name.  He was probably spelling it wrong even though I spelled it out for him.  So I now need to find a better copy of my card so I can make sure I have the right number and call them back again just to make an appointment.  I am starting to get depressed.  It is just such a hassle.

The other hassle is trying to get a new bank card from my bank in the States, they won’t mail them internationally.  I had to change my address to my parents, the account has to have that address for at least 30 days before they will mail out a new card.  Then once my parents get the card they can then mail it to me.  This is going to take me about two months to get a new card.  The bank also will not do a wire transfer without me coming into the bank or sending them a notarized statement.  I need this money to really live off of.  But I came up with a way around it.  I can still send checks out of my bank through on-line banking.  Send my dad a check and then have him wire the money to me.  Problem solved.  Just out about $50 for the wire transfer, but it is cheaper than Western Union.  So that is my helpful advice to all of you if you find yourself in a situation where you have lost your bank card or had it stolen.  Use an on-line bank to send a check to a trusted family member or friend and then have them wire you the money.  Just make sure you send them enough money to cover the wire transfer.  Now I have to figure out how to get my driver’s license from the States.  Wish me luck with that one.

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  1. With all it cost to get robbed or have something stolen in this country i ask myself is it worth living here or should i move back to the states. well i never really thought about moving back so i guess i will stay here in Gods country and pay for what was taken .i love it here in Costa Rica.

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