Busy days ahead

I am going to apologize in advance if I don’t post anything over the next few days.  It has been crazy busy for me.  Tomorrow I have to go to the bank and get a document proving that my husband receives his pension here and then to the doctor.  Friday I have to go to a different bank so I can pay for my new cedula card, that is about a 2 hour bus ride each way.  Today we had our Spanish class, it went really well, I even learned a few new things.  Our next class is on Saturday.  I can’t wait to get all this stuff together and finished so I can get back to normal.  I haven’t even practiced my cello in a week, I am feeling really guilty about that.  My husband just had to walk down to the store to get our a new gas tank for the stove.  We do not have underground gas lines here because it is a high earthquake zone, so we change them out like you would for a gas grill.  So things have been busy and look like they are going to continue to be busy for a while, or at least for the next few days.  All I want is to be able to relax again.

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