Didn’t quite have it all…almost

Got up this morning and took the long 2 hour bus ride to San Carlos to try to get my cedula card replaced.  I thought I had everything.  I have the copy of the police report, my new insurance card, a copy of my cedula, my passport and a printout from the bank where I paid my insurance this month.  Well, the copy from the bank was not good enough, they want an actual copy of the receipt.  I can understand why.  If someone were good enough on a computer they could fake the payment from just a print out.  So, now I have to wait until next month when I pay my insurance to have an actual receipt.  But it wasn’t a wasted trip.  I went to my favorite vet and got some dog treats for the puppy, a new collar and a new toy.  Then took the 2 hour bus ride back home.  My back was definitely not happy with me today, I had to do a lot of walking and riding on the bus through a lot of curves is never easy on me.  The doctor has pretty much gone ahead and said I am disabled at this point.  I am not going to let it get me down though.  But on the up note, the puppy was very happy when we got home and he loves his new treats and toy!


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