If you know about Skype then you probably don’t need to read all of this, if you don’t know about Skype let me tell you.  Skype is a great tool for keeping in touch while abroad, especially if you need to actually talk to someone.  When traveling to a foreign country you can set up a phone number through it for your home town, or where ever you wish.  God forbid your bank card gets lost or stolen and you actually need to call the bank at 3am.  It’s very reasonable also.  I pay for a phone number once a year and then pay for the service every 3 months.  I have this also so anyone can pick up a phone and call me without international fees.  Not everyone has Facebook or internet, like my 94-year-old grandmother.  Also, you can do the video phone for free.  But that is only going to work if the other person has a computer with web-cam.  I love doing the video phone, this way I can see my family and friends, I find it to be a little more personal.  But I do suggest the phone number.  If there is an emergency and your family needs to get a hold of you, they can at least leave a message on the voicemail.  It’s so easy to use, if I can figure it out I think anyone can.


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  1. Excellent info, Cheri! Thanks! I never even thought of , well, I guess I never knew you could use Skype that way. I’ve only ever used it for video calling, which is great, especially with my international friends. Another note made on my info list of great things you’ve taught me. Gracias!

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