Health care and the dentist

I know everyone hates the dentist and when it comes to health care insurance it is not covered, it is a separate entity.  Well, here it is not.  It is one and the same.  I have had many people tell me that they are afraid of socialized health care, that they may not be able to get an appointment.  Well, here if you need to see the doctor you just go, no appointment needed.  Granted, depending on how many people are in line in front of you it could take a while.  But how many of us has had an appointment and still sat in the waiting room way past our appointment time?  I know I have.  My husband needs some dental work done and it is all covered by the social security, their insurance program here.  There are a few things that are not covered and are extra, but not very many.  Bridges are not covered, but plates and false teeth are.  The cost of out of pocket expenses are around 1/3 of what they are in the States and that is with insurance!  When we lived in the States we were paying over $500 a month for health insurance!  That did not include dental or vision and my husband and I both wear glasses.  Here we pay $93 a month and it is all covered.  We are lucky also in the fact that the dentist here at our clinic speaks English.  I am so happy that we have moved to a country where they actually care about the health of their people.  One of my neighbors was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, all of her treatment was covered and she is currently cancer free.  They did not have to pay anything out of pocket for her treatment.  She never had to wait a long time to see her doctor also.  Yes, she had to go to a specialist in another city, but that is often the case in the States.  After all we do live in a very rural area of the country.  I am very happy that she is doing so well now.  I just wish more people would be open minded about it.

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