Museums and a little history

Believe it or not Costa Rica has quite a few museums and a pretty active art culture as well theater.  I took this picture at the National Museum.  This is a large stone sphere and they have been found all around the country and in different sizes.  They are not exactly sure what the significance of them was for or why they were even made.  But no matter what size they are they are almost completely spherical.  I have even known people to find them along some river banks.

What is interesting throughout Costa Rica is that you will not find a lot of the Colonial Spanish style buildings, like in many other Latin and South American countries.  The reason for this is because when the Spanish arrived in Costa Rica there was really nothing here for them.  They wrongly named Costa Rica, which means rich coast, because they never found a lot of gold or other precious metals.  This left the new Spanish population with little support from Spain, most of the indigenous people got wiped out from disease and this pretty much left everyone to fend for themselves.  They had no slave labor and had to do it all themselves.  You will still see this today in the work ethic of a lot of people.  They truly know the meaning of a hard days work and the satisfaction that they get from that.  I have hired people here locally to do work on my house and they will work from sun up to sun down.  They will take an hour off for lunch, but take no other breaks throughout the day.  I had one person start work at 7 in the morning and not quit until 10 at night.  They also take a lot of pride in their work as I have mentioned before.  If something is not right, they will fix it without question.  Their work is a reflection of themselves.  In the small town I live in the only advertising is word of mouth.  They can put up signs, but they prefer people who know them and have seen their work.  This is just one of the many reasons I love it here so much.


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