It’s all in the packaging

How many times have you tried to get all the refried beans out of the can and then heat them up in a pot without burning them?  I can’t tell you how many times I burnt them to the pot.  And tomato paste, whose idea was it to put it in a can that you can barely get open because it is so small and the can’t get all of it out!  I love how they package things down here.  For the refried beans and even spaghetti sauce all you have to do is put the pouch in some boiling water and heat.  No messy pans and you can get all of it out.  Now I can actually use all of my tomato paste and easily at that.  Sour cream is so much easier to get on all of my burrito.  Also, I am not trying to stick the knife into a jar of jelly to get the last little bit and getting all sticky in the process.  Why, oh why didn’t they do this in the States?  These are just little things that make life so much simpler.  Plus, it makes cooking so much easier and less messy.


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