Exciting morning

I was sitting here this morning playing on the computer when I heard somebody at the gate.  I went to see what he was wanting.  A lot of times we get people walking down the street selling stuff, but this guy didn’t have anything.  He was very hard to understand, as he mumbled and you could already tell he had been drinking.  I picked out a few words and realized that he was talking about my purse that had been stolen.  I actually had to call a friend and get him to interpret for me.  She told me that he said he found my purse at a bus stop and it had all my papers in it and my cedula card, residency card!  He tried to ask her if he could at least keep the purse for a reward, she told him no because my grandma had given it to me.  I didn’t tell her to say that.  But we walked to his house, which was kind of creepy, and sure enough he had it.  My driver’s license was still in there along with my CCW permit, both bank cards, my Spanish/English dictionary and a few other things.  Of course the camera was gone and so were the MP3 players, but hubby already got me a new and better camera.  The only thing that I am really upset about being missing is this little turtle eraser that my daughter gave me a long time ago.  I carried it with me for years.  But I got back the purse and my IDs, that alone saves me so much time, money and aggravation.  I remember when we went to the bank last month to try to get my cedula replaced and didn’t have all the correct documents, I kept thinking this happened for a reason.  I never got upset about not having the right paperwork, it’s like I knew I would get it back.  My husband even asked me several times when I was going to call to make another appointment, I just kept putting it off.  Glad I did!  So, today has been a happy day.  Oh, and I did give the guy $20 for returning my stuff.


2 responses

  1. That is really awesome that you got your purse back. Too bad about the camera and the mp3 player and of course that turtle eraser. All the important things are back and I am happy for you.

  2. Thanks Becky, the only thing that I really can’t replace is the turtle. I have already replaced my camera and phone. I still have all the music off the ipod, just not the MP3. But it is all good, I got all the good music. Talked to a friend of mine here today and told her, she couldn’t believe that I got it back. She said it was truly amazing.

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