Went to the dentist today

So my husband and I both had dental appointments today at 1:00.  We got called back at 1:05, which I didn’t think was too bad.  I got a good cleaning and so did my husband, he also had two fillings done.  We were out and on our way home at 1:45.  I couldn’t believe it!  I have never spent that little time in a dentist office.  The dentist was very nice and speaks pretty good English.  I feel very lucky to be here, we couldn’t afford dental insurance in the States and here it is all covered in the Social Security program, which is the equivalent to their health insurance.  For the both of us we pay about $94 a month and it is based off of your income.  I think it is a great program that they have here.  Soon I will be going to the hospital in one of the major cities to see a specialist about my back, this is completely covered as well, we have to pay nothing out-of-pocket.  There are no co-pays here once you have your residency.  Worst case scenario, if I were to have to need surgery for my back, it is completely covered as well.  I like it this way.


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  1. Awesome! So interesting! I have been mentioning your name A LOT lately, so now you know why, if your ears have been burning: my 18 yr old daughter get into deep debates about socialism, mainly government healthcare, and I am always referring to your experience and info. She keeps eating what she is being fed by her teachers and mentors that it is the worst plan and that we would never be able to see a doctor let alone a specialist, that it would take 6 months to see a doctor even for an emergency…I tell her that yes there would be a transition period to get it all up and running, but she has read some of your blogs and is opening up her mind some…thanks again, Cheri! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Thanks Scot, that means a lot to me. It can at times take a while to get into a specialist. A friend of mine only had to wait a month for his appointment, which isn’t that bad. I know people in the States who have had to wait 3 months for one, depending on the specialty. I know in Colorado Springs there is only one Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist and the waiting list is 6 months long. I studied in the medical field in Colorado Springs, that is how I know that. Plus, not all doctor’s accept your insurance so that can put things on hold for you as well. I have tried to go to doctors in the States and they wouldn’t accept me because of the insurance I had. At one point I found out he hard way that my insurance didn’t cover Urgent Care, but would an emergency room visit. The system is easy here. I will find out soon though how long I will have to wait to see my specialist for my back, it is all messed up!

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