So many birds

This is the male and female scarlet-rumped tanager.  The male is the black and scarlet.  We see these all the time around our house. You will usually see one male with around 3-4 females.  It seems all the birds down here love bananas, not to mention the horses love them also.  I have a few more pictures of other birds that I will be posting as well.  This one is my husbands favorite.  My favorite is the oropendola, which I can never seem to get a picture of.  They make the strangest sound that I have ever heard from a bird.  They have beautiful yellow tail feather and have an almost black body and when they call they lean forward, almost upside down and swing similar to a pendulum and call.   We have also seen green macaws fly over our house, there is no mistaking their call.  If you are a bird lover then Costa Rica is the place to be.

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