This is one of the many creatures that I find in and around my house.  I do believe that this is one of the many types of geckos here.  I had to wrestle this one away from my cats.  Poor little things was traumatized by the whole event.  How I managed to catch him, I still don’t know.  They are definitely quick!  He was just out of his egg when the cats were trying to eat him.  But I rescued him and turned him loose outside.  I hope that he is doing well.  Every night when I take a shower I can see two to three geckos on the outside of the window catching bugs.  They know that when the bathroom light comes on that it attracts the bugs and they climb onto the window and wait for them.  When I turn on the light there is never anything on the window, but withing two minutes I have my geckos.  So, they have actually learned how to get an easy meal.  Glad to help them out.

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  1. Awesome! And so cute! It’s amazing how they learn that about the lights. Intelligent creatures! Oh, and thanks for posting again…I’ve missed reading the blog these past several days (hint hint)!

    • Thanks Scot and sorry for not posting that much here lately. With my back it has been very difficult to get out and get new photos, so I have been going through some of my old ones. I will have a new one for you today you might like.

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