In this picture is a bullet ant.  The reason they call them bullet ants is because when they bite you, it feels as if you have been shot.  This is not the biggest one I have seen!  Just last night we found one in our kitchen, it was about two inches long!  The cats wouldn’t even go near it.  I always keep an eye on the cats, when I see them jump down and run it usually means they are going after something.  This is what they did last night, and when I looked they were a good two feet away from it.  Luckily though when we see these things there is only one.  I have never seen more than one at a time.  The coin in the picture is a little larger than an American quarter and that ant is longer than that.  Also, they have wings.  So, if you are ever down here and see one of these things, kill it.  There are plenty of them around.  Since I have lived in this house, now 8 months, I have only seen 4 or 5 of them.  Last night was the first time I have seen one inside and I hope I don’t see anymore inside.  I am already allergic to ants, I found out the hard way and that is just the little ones, so if I were to get bitten by one of these my husband would call an ambulance.  I just hope that never happens.  Another reason why you don’t ware sandals every where you go.

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  1. Cool! I want a colony! Do you think it would be illegal to use them for making people pay you and for kids misbehaving? hehehe Darn it! Now I’m probably on some watch list for torture and abuse. Bag to subject, I’ve seen a colony of these at the Cincinnati Zoo in the Bug House. Wow! The ones there are large but a two incher! I wonder if the larger they are the worse the bite/sting (which is it)? Don’t find out personally, Cheri! I remember you saying the ant bites on your foot took you to the Red Cross or doc or something! Be careful!

  2. I have been bit several times by ants here and always swell up pretty bad. Not to mention that they itch and burn. I usually end up having to take benedryl at night and claratin in the mornings for a couple of days and I’m fine. But for some reason the last time I got an infection. If I were to get by one of these things I would probably have to be rushed to the hospital. They have pinchers on the front of them, so I believe that the bigger they are the worse the bite.

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