Internet was down

This past Saturday night we had a serious storm blow through.  You could feel the electricity in the air it was so bad.  Everything is plugged into surge protectors and it still fried our modem.  We actually heard the thing sizzle!

Sunday we went to La Selva, it is a biological research station in the Sarapiqui area where we live.  They had an open house for the locals.  It was free to get in and we did a guided nature hike.  I didn’t last very long, my back started hurting so bad I had go back, but my husband went on with the tour and we got some great pictures, which I will be posting later.  They had booths there where people were selling stuff that they made, including homemade soaps.  Everything was either made from all natural or recycle materials.  They also had some young people there in the traditional dress dancing.  It was a great time.  I am so glad that we went, even if two days later I am still paying for because of my back.  But we are glad to be back online and will have some great photos for you soon.

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