Poison dart frog

On my hike this past Sunday at La Selva I got to see a few of these guys.  This is one of many different types of Poison Dart Frogs.  This one has often been referred to as the Blue Jean dart frog, for obvious reasons, looks like he is wearing blue jeans.  When you see these cute little frogs, what ever you do, don’t pick them up.  Yes, they are poisonous.  When they are breed in captivity they do not produce the poison.  There is something that they eat in their natural habitat that causes them to secrete the poison.  The Golden Poison dart frog is the deadliest of them all.  Natives used to take the tip of their spears across the back of those to make them even more deadly.  The poison from the Golden is lethal, the poison from the blue jean is not as bad, but still quite toxic.  So, look but don’t touch.  Rule of thumb when down here, if you don’t know what it is, don’t touch it.  There is even a type of plant that if you get it’s sap on you and rub your eyes, it can cause blindness.  So, always go with someone who knows the area and is knowledgeable with plants and animals.

Click on picture to enlarge.


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