Costa Rica has around 3,000 different species of moths and butterflies!  That is roughly 18% of the worlds different species!  That is a lot of butterflies in this tiny country.  Costa Rica also supports 7% of the worlds biodiversity.  To put the size of this country in perspective for those of you in the States, this entire country is about the size of West Virgina!  It is that small, but it is absolutely amazing how much is here.  You can look at it from a map and think, oh it won’t take me long to see the whole country, think again.  Once you step inside it is so big.  Our national butterfly here is the Blue Morpho, when you see this one flying it is like looking at a flashing blue neon light.  They are very large also.  I have seen many, but it is almost impossible for me to get a good picture of one.  Every once in a while I will have one flutter it’s way through my yard.  When you see them, you just stop what you are doing and admire them.  The first time I seen one, it took my breath away it was so beautiful.  There are many places here where you can go and see them, they are called butterfly gardens and they are all over the country.  They did have one at the National Museum, which we did go to and I highly recommend.  It still amazes me to think of how tiny this beautiful country is and how much nature and wildlife is here.  If you get the chance, you need to see it for yourself.


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