The seasons

Right now we are heading into, what I call, the wettest season.  That would be November and December, where you are lucky if you get to see the sun.  Last January it as so beautiful with temperatures in the 80’s and sunny days.  It stayed that way until about April.  In April it does start to rain again, but that much.  As the months go by you start to get more and more rain.  This past July we had quite a bit, but in August it wasn’t that bad.  September wasn’t too bad, but now for October we have had a good amount.  My neighbor told us that when his grandfather moved to the area about 40 years ago it would rain every day for almost 6 months and you would never see the sun during that time.  I have had so many people tell me also that there is not as much rain as there used to be.  That we are drying out here, in the rain forest.  We have even had areas of drought!  This is scarey to think about.  But back to how much rain we do get.  I live in the Sarapiqui area and for a yearly average we get close to 14 feet of rain!  That’s a lot of rain.  So, if you plan a trip down here, the prices you pay will be based off the time of year you visit.  If you visit in what they call the green season, which is when it rains a lot, your prices will be cheaper.  There are not as many tourists that time of year, with the exception of Christmas break.  In the dryer seasons, prices do go up as demand goes up.  There is not a big difference in most cases, but there are in a few of them.  Nothing closes down for a little rain, or even a down pour, life still goes on.  I have seen people out working in the pouring down rain and still doing their daily routine.  They have learned to adapt here and I admire that.  So, January through April is nice, sunny and warm.  May through September is a little rainy but not that much, hot and humid.  October through December is pretty to extremely wet and can get rather cool.  Right now I am in long pants and thinking of putting on a long sleeve shirt.  But don’t let the weather detour you from ever visiting.

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